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Slim Active is a reducing gel that effectively fights localized fat in the most difficult areas to treat. The combination of l-carnitine and caffeine with its extracts of green tea, garcinia cambogia and algae, make it a complete liporeductor treatment, fat burner and tissue regenerator. Slim Active is developed to provide a better appearance to the skin thanks to its ingredients that act synergistically favoring toning, firmness and making the silhouette refine and also provide a hydrated, smooth and firm appearance. All the assets were selected for having slimming, astringent, regenerative, toning and refining properties, which help prevent water accumulation in surface tissues and stimulate the elimination of accumulated fat. Slim Active has a draining action, which not only helps evacuate fluid retention but also optimizes the energy in the adipose tissue and the body uses it. It also has the characteristic of preventing over-storage of fat in adipose tissue, thanks to its active ingredients. Slim Active seeks to increase blood circulation in the areas to be treated through its application, in this way we manage to better dissolve the fat deposits that accumulate over time. To achieve this we use a thermal effect as a tool. When applying the gel we usually experience a sensation of heat that manages to accumulate the blood in that part and thus increase the irrigation achieving a better drainage. This is how its main components manage to accelerate blood circulation in order to end fat stores much better. And of course that the accelerating effect of blood will improve the circulation of this part of the body and we will be able to show off a skin in perfect condition, preventing degeneration due to lack of blood supply.